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At the Data Science hackathon hosted by Cornell Tech x Columbia, we developed a routing app that would generate the safest way to get from one location to another. Users may apply different weights to distance and risk in order to generate a route based on their preference.

StreetSavvy is powered by a python backend using NYC OpenStreetMap data and is visualized using CartoDB. We modeled historical crime data and other datasets hosted by NYC Open Data and used Kernel Density Estimation to compute a risk function.  StreetSavvy is a product made by our awesome team composed of Charlie Brummitt, Gabriela Rojas, Marie Rose Muir, Patrick Boueri and Shayan Masood. We also won a prize for best visualization at Data Hackathon!

The source code is available on GitHub.

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Updated December 29, 2014



Is going HAM a good thing?

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